How do I create a new user (dispatcher, driver, etc.)?

The Users page allows you to manage the users (agency users only - not riders) associated with your account. All individuals who work for your agency who need access to the system must have user accounts. If you are an existing TransLoc customer (using RealTime, Traveler, or Architect), you can log into the OnDemand system using the same username and password combination as you do for those tools.

Here's how to add a new user to the system:
  1. Navigate to the Resources menu at the top of the screen.
  2. Inside resources, open the Users panel and then click the + at the bottom right to add a new user

Enter a usernamefirst name, and last name for the user. These fields (along with the password fields) are required.
  • You may enter an email address and phone number as well.
  • Enter a password and repeat password for the user. The user can always log in and change this password.
  • Under roles, select OnDemand.
  • Click Add an Agency and select your agency from the list.
  • Click Submit to confirm and save the user.

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