What are the different user roles and permissions within OnDemand?

TransLoc customer accounts give each user a set of permissions based on a role. A single user may only have one role per agency, but users can have different roles for each agency. TransLoc will provide one or more administrator accounts during the product on-boarding phase. Administrators can create and modify user accounts for their agency. Each user has one of five roles, each with different set of permissions. Each role and their permissions are listed below:

  • Access the TransLoc OnDemand Driver application
  • Manage their own profile information
  • View the Dispatch screen

Dispatchers have all Driver permissions, plus:
  • Create and manage Vehicles
  • Create and manage Rides
  • View Schedules
  • View Services
  • Create and manage Riders
  • View and export Reports

Administrators have all Driver and Dispatcher permissions, plus:
  • Create and manage Services
  • Create and manage Addresses
  • Create and manage Regions
  • Create and manage Agency Settings
  • Create and manage Users

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