What are the different user roles and permissions within RealTime?

TransLoc customer accounts give each user a set of permissions based on a role. A single user may only have one role per agency, but users can have different roles for each agency. TransLoc will provide one or more administrator accounts during product on-boarding.

Each user has one of five roles, each with different set of permissions. Each role and their permissions are listed below:

Map Viewer
  • Update profile information (self only)
  • View manager map
Dispatchers have all Map Viewer permissions, plus:
  • View and update vehicle statuses
  • View route changes, vehicle device (for OnBoard tablets), vehicles, route logs, reports, and instant replay viewer.
Supervisors have all Dispatcher permissions, plus:
  • Update route visibility settings
  • View, modify, and create  announcements
  • View analytics (Usage Report)
‚ÄčAdministrators have all Supervisor permissions, plus:
  • Delete announcements 
  • Create and update all user accounts
Drivers have a special set of permissions designed for use with OnBoard tablets:
  • Log into OnBoard tablet
  • Assign and un-assign tablet(s) to and from vehicles and routes
  • Count passengers with Digital Passenger Counter (DPC)

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