Making Announcements

Announcements are a powerful tool for communicating with your riders. You can send updates, schedule notifications, or provide persistent reminders to users. This document will explain how to create, edit, and review Manager announcements.


To access the announcements interface, Click the Admin tab at the top of Manager and then select Announcements. The Current & Upcoming tab shows all active announcements as well as scheduled announcements. This table shows the following information:
  • Title - the title of the announcement, which is shown to users
  • From - the time and date that the announcement activates
  • Thru - the time and date that the announcement deactivates and moves to the archives
  • User - the name of the Manager account that created the announcement
  • Active Now - indicates if the announcement is currently visible to the public




Click on the Create an Announcement button to view the new announcement interface. There are several required fields on this page you must fill in. Announcements are set to activate immediately and run for one hour by default. The last field, Urgency, will flag an announcement for riders if it is marked “Urgent.” If all fields are valid, clicking Preview will show the announcement as it will appear to other users. From here, you can return to editing or schedule it to activate at the given times.



Clicking on the title of a scheduled or active announcement will allow you to edit it. You will see a preview and given the option to Edit, Take Down, or Delete the announcement. The Take Down action will deactivate the announcement and place it in the archives.



Selecting the Archived tab will show all expired announcements. Past announcements cannot be edited. 

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