How do I request a ride?

OnDemand rides are scheduled from within the TransLoc Rider application. When you’re viewing a route associated with an agency with OnDemand service, you'll see an icon at the top of your screen. The exact placement varies between the version of the iOS and Android applications. 

When the icon is blue OnDemand service is available and clicking the icon will allow you to schedule a ride. When the icon is gray  OnDemand service is unavailable or currently out of service. Clicking this icon will display information about the OnDemand service. If the icon does not appear, that means your school does not have OnDemand.

  1. Click the Request a Ride button.
  2. Enter the address where you would like to be picked-up. There are multiple ways to input an address:
    1. Type the address into the search bar.
    2. Click the My Addresses drop-down and select the address from the list. If you do not have any saved addresses, you can add them to the system.
    3. Move the pin on the map by dragging the map on the screen. The green pin’s location is where you’ll be picked-up.
  3. Enter the address where you would like to be dropped-off. 
  4. Select the number of passengers for the ride. If it’s just you, click Just Me.

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