Why is Architect FREE?

GTFS has been a time-intensive task that agencies must go through monthly/quarterly/yearly in order to get the correct data to their riders.  We wanted to build a tool for you to get to know us, without the headache of the RFP process.  We hope Architect will save you time and from frustration.  If you love Architect, you should check out our other platforms:
  • Microtransit: our industry-leading flexible, demand-response transit solution.  Check out more about our 3-step process here.

  • Rider: our transit mobile that provides real-time arrival predictions (and more) to your riders. Check out about the benefits of a mobile app here.

  • RealTime: our intuitive control center for any size agency.  We provide features, from analytics to APIs, that you can check out here.

  • Traveler: imagine the ability to see the *true* origin and destination data by seeing how riders move through your system. Also imagine being able to inform your riders and receive survey feedback.  Check out those add-on benefits here.

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