How do I submit my finished GTFS feed to Google, Bing, and Apple?

Transit Partner: To submit to Google, you first need to sign up as a Transit Partner.  You can do so by signing up here.  This process may take several days, so it’s best to get started before you are officially ready to submit your feed.


Submission: To submit to Google, you must log into your Transit Partner dashboard, which can be accessed here (after your Transit Partner has been created).  For the first submission to Google, a team member will go through your feed for Quality Assurance.  Any discrepancies between your submitted GTFS feed and data found on your website will need to be addressed. Once your feed goes live, you can either manually upload it each time or store it on your agency website, where Google can automatically fetch it.  For additional details on submission, please read here.


Source: Google Support (link)


As noted on Bing’s website, the 5-step process is listed below:

  1. Generate your data according to the General Transit Feed Specifications.

  2. Validate with the GTFS Feed Validator.

  3. Zip the files and name the resulting file "".

  4. Host the feed on a web server for Bing Maps to fetch.

  5. Click the button below to contact the Bing Maps transit team to sign-up for partnership.


For any further questions, please contact Bing Maps here to address any further questions.


Apple has limited cities on its platform, so it will accept transit agencies depending on your location.  You can check the selected locations here.  Please reach out to Apple directly if you’re interested in adding your data to Apple Maps.


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